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12 September 2007 @ 03:11 am
Info about the Comm  

I've created this community as a place to post the stuff I write, essentially.  A few things people might want to know...

-- I have it set up that I need to approve membership.  This is mostly to make sure that those who are in the comm are over 18.  I don’t need to drama about people being under 18 potentially seeing something that could in any way, shape or form be considered porn.

-- Although pretty much most of what I’ve written is sex-related, if I ever write anything else, it’ll probably end up there, too.

-- I have sole posting access at this time.  If there comes a time that I feel like opening up posting, I’ll do so.  I’d expect that’d only be the case if people decide they have anything they want to post as well.  I really don’t know if that’ll be the case, but I’m not opposed to it on principle.

-- For now, there won’t be any real “rules” other than the usual to show respect to each other, etc.  I will not hesitate to boot anyone who becomes a nuisance.  If I need to make rules later, and to define what would cause a ban, I'll do so.  But hopefully it won't be necessary.

-- All stories will be also saved in the memories to make it easier to find if you want to go back and read something.  I'll also create some tags to help define what may be found in an entry, as well as go ahead and put a "rating" on it so you know how hardcore it is (or not).

That's about it.  I'll either edit or post again if there is more.

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fundwnnsc on February 6th, 2008 10:02 pm (UTC)
add please?
add me??

Hope you feel better soon.